Managing a SAR team can be difficult and take lots of time. We took the best practices and added them to our platform. You will get a myriad of powerful and resilient features backed by the Google Cloud Platform and Firebase.
If you are starting a Search and Rescue team or looking to add or improve on your toolboox look at what we can offer as a great price.

Wireframe of prototype in development

Member Management
  • Track member status – team managers can mark them as ready, out-of-service, vacation, etc. Or the members themselves can update the status.
  • Track training – a place to store all training records
  • Assign role(s) – Probationary, Field Team Member, Team Lead, Tracker, Incident Command, President, Director
  • Mission and Training Management (Event)


Mission and Training Management (Event)
  • Create event and broadcast to all active members of a team
  • Push notifications in app, SMS, and/or email
  • Event Chat is created and all responding will be added to the chat
  • Track who is responding, declined or delayed response for better planning
  • Accountability for those responding: check in/out of IC log
  • ICS 214 creation from mission


Optional Web Hosting

We will host your public website from a preset template standardized that all teams will have the same look and feel. A one page SEO optimized webpage that can link to your full website or use as your primary web presence.

  • Organization Name
  • Introductory Statement
  • On call phone number & contact information
  • Logo
  • Body of page – free text for you to share information or story
  • Optional Items
    • banner to identify if you are on an active event
    • counter # of missions total/year
    • counter # of trainings total/year
    • counter # of active team members
Other Features
    • Locate specialists – If member opts to publish certs on their profile as either public or group visible special certifications or training can be searched and you can contact them. For example if bones are found a specialist with the training to recognize if human or not can be easily located.
    • Member tracking – if a member publishes their location to all members or specific groups or only their groups the location will be shown on a map. This option will only enable if they are actively on a training event or mission.
    • Joint mission management – Allow multiple teams to be part of a joint mission. A group chat will be created with the mission number/name. Mission page will display the details for all members assigned to the group.