When you sign into the app you become a member of the SAR Toolbox. This brings you many features Search and Rescue members need during training or live missions.

Currently iOS is being developed and after 3 months into production we will begin the Android development.


Current Features
  • Account Info – Manage your account profile

  • Capabilities – Where you identify SAR capabilities i.e. Snow Mobile, Technical Rescue, Litter. This serves as an inventory as well as later your team leads can search all members with “Snow Mobile” if required in a search and request your attendance.

  • Gear – This is where you can store your gear inventory and quantity i.e. Sharpie (3), Latex Gloves (1) and provide a link to search amazon and purchase a resupply quickly.

  • My K9s – this is where you can manage your K9s basic info, vet info. Later this will integrate in mission and training where you can track hours in service, and set status like cool down (after a mission) and out of service. This will aid in Teams to not over task and be able to task based on availability and discipline.

  • Notes – These are your field notes for anything. You will be able to share them with other members in a later version.

  • Logbook – You can make notes or observations linked to a training or mission. Later option to share with mission control so they can get this info ASAP. It records the location and time where a note is created. So you can press new log entry and at the location you want to mark, then complete after you clear the area or your pup slows down.

  • Field guides – is a built in e-Reader based on apple books. There will be free guides, paid guides, team guides for SAR teams only available for active teams. Perfect for Articles of Incorporation, Standards, etc.

  • SAR Terminology – SAR has vary different terminology across various teams and disciplines. If you dont know an acronym or term this is the place to look.

  • About – Information about the mobile platform

  • Feedback – Tell us your ideas or thoughts, report a bug or just say hello.


Preview of the developed features for version 1

Preview of the developed iOS application currently in testing (March 2021)


Future Features

  • Training records – record and maintaining your training also opt to share to team(s) or other members

  • Secure communication – Allows for communication to person, team, mission or groups.

  • Tactical Notebook – a place to keep notes with hot buttons to add current datetime, local weather, canned template

  • Send a SPOT report to Mission Control – Find some sign, take photo and send. MC can review and comment as well as share to the mission group.

  • Offline / online sync when reconnected from being in the woods.

  • Emergency alert to IC if in need, sends location and identification

  • Location tracking and reporting while on active mission – optional

  • Locate nearest hospital and or animal hospital

  • Gear Inventory management with item expiration and click buy on amazon. Never run out of batteries again.

  • Track Mileage and Expenses for tax reporting

  • Field Guides (Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced)

    • Adult First Aid

    • K9 First Aid

    • Tracking basics

    • SAR K9 basics

    • SAR basics

    • Knots

    • Land Navigation

  • In App Training on topics by experts (pre-recorded seminars)